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My Ladies

Proud mommy with puppies

Tula-Mae, is our shy girl, but one of the BEST mommies around.

She has the most loving, sweet and gentle personality, most of her puppies have similar characteristics as their mom…


Call me gorgeouuuuuuus!

Bella (a.k.a Kay-Miso), our teddy-bear mommy. Also fantastic maternal instincts, very loving and the most patient “teacher” to the puppies, right up to the age where they leave our home. When she looks at one with those huge brown eyes, there’s no way one can really say “No” or be mad at her for anything!


Abigael, another “softie” and “talker”. Whenever she wants anything or just attention, she “talks” to get noticed or heard…rather withdrawn, and although still young, a very good first time mommy.

Also has the habit of draping herself around one’s neck to show affection.. now aged 18 months

Bella & Tula-Mae are sisters

I LOVE my mommy

Dazi , the silent one. We “adopted” her as a teenager, and haven’t been sorry! She’s really the quietest Yorkie I’ve ever seen. Very playful, and highly entertaining.

She has only produced one baby boy, who unfortunately didn’t survive, but then took on some other puppies to help raise, without breaking stride.

So, we have very high hopes of future very successful litters to come. She is nearly 2 years old.

Poppy, another one we “adopted” as a teenager. She just had babies for the first time, and even though only one boy survived, she’s doing a fantastic job as a new mommy. She is our smallest, shortest and funniest, and very sweet-natured mommy yet. She will also be 2 years old in the next few months.

Alexis, our “future mom-to-be, if she grows up to be big enough, now only 8 months old


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I breed good quality Yorkshire Terries for the love of it!

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